Silicon Valley is breaking the future.
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Social Technology Is A Miracle.
But the way our tech giants — Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, YouTube, Twitter and others — have wielded their awesome responsibility is not.
Making money off of misinformation campaigns and bigotry. Overseeing historically damaging data and privacy leaks in an age of surveillance capitalism. Denying and even encouraging negative mental health impacts on their users — which is to say, all of us.
If what’s broken in the tech industry isn’t fixed, the original dream of the internet — a playing field-leveling, democracy-promoting, free and open space for human enrichment — risks being lost forever.
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We’re Focused On A Root Cause.
We’re focused on a single key root cause of the above symptoms: as the social tech giants’ grew to near-unprecedented power and influence, they never developed a culturewide sense of responsibility within which to handle that power.
This interpretation is informed by an idea from sociology, called Professionalization.
The upshot of professionalization is this: It’s time for social tech to become a profession, with codes and norms. It’s time to do what doctors and engineers did over the course of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. it's time for the industry to grow up, and take responsibility for itself.
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It’s Time To Grow Up.
What does it mean for silicon valley to grow up? What does it mean for social tech to become a profession instead of a trade? To trade in the image of hoodie-clad young men coding in garages for a different picture?
It means unifying the industry under a shared vision, with the major players signed onto a shared set of public principles. Principles like reorienting the social tech industry away from end users as products; moving fast and fixing things before they get out of hand; and anticipating the worst-case scenarios for societal costs before releasing new tech.
And it means accountability, both internally (through certification) and externally (through democratic oversight and consumer pressure), to ensure those principles translate into action.
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We Have A Strategy.
We have a strategy to achieve that maturation. And we’re following it step by step.
It starts with bringing together tech dissidents from inside the industry, and connecting them with academics, activists and consumers working to change silicon valley from the outside. It then involves building public support for basic industry reforms — and laying a challenge for the largest social tech companies to make it clear whether they’ll aid reform, or resist it.
We’re currently building our membership, with a focus on bringing insiders who are sympathetic to the outsiders; and spreading our message throughout the industry.
A problem this big involves everyone. And whether you’re the CEO of Apple or just someone who wants to text in peace, we could use your help.
Want to learn more about our strategy and theory of change? We’ve got you covered.
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